I was privileged to attend the ‘Inspirational Women of Sheffield’  Awards recently, what an evening!  It made me proud to be a woman as I listened to the amazing women who won the various categories.   What powerful stories of fortitude, endurance and sheer guts and grit, not to mention their desire to help and serve others.

If you’d like to read some of their inspirational stories check out The Star newspaper’s website and look for ‘Inspiratonal Women of Sheffield Awards’.

I attended with other members of Soroptimist International of Sheffield aa we were finalists for the Dorrett Buckly-Greaves MBE Award for Community.  Our nomination was in recognition of our work with pupils of King Edward’s School, which was part of our ‘Share your skills’ programme.   Our focus had been to make Sheffield one of the first Toilet Twinned cities in the country, and we succeeded.

Through Water Aid’s ‘Toilet Twinning’ campaign we can help communities in the poorest parts of our world have access to sanitary facilities in their villages and schools.   Many villages and schools have no toilet facilities and people have to go into the bush whenever they need to relieve themselves.  This poses all kinds of dangers, in particular for women and girls.  Not only are they at risk from wild animals, snakes, scorpions etc but also risk sexual attacks too.

In addition, many girls have their education constantly interrupted because their school has no facilities which means that they cannot attend when they are menstruating.  A simple thing like a toilet, which we take so much for granted, can transform lives.

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